KBS Builders

Built in Maine with Maine Products

KBS Builder's, Inc.

Coastal Builders offers a complete selection of quality manufactured homes by KBS Builder's. KBS Builder's Inc., manufactures a diverse line of quality residential housing, commercial, and industrial buildings. For quick turnarounds, reduced costs, flexible designs, and attention to detail, together Coastal Builders & Sons and KBS Builders has the perfect home for you.

Their residential modular home line includes colonials, ranches, capes, and multi-family floor plans. If you need a commercial building they offer duplexes, tri-plexes, apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, and more. Whether it's a residential or commercial building you're looking for we've got a match for you.

KBS Builder's, Inc.

KBS Builder's Inc., has two factories in Maine, one in South Paris and the other in Waterford. Being a Maine company and understanding Maine's climate you can rest assured their homes are built to handle Maine's climate changes while offering custom designs and quality modular homes.

To learn more about KBS Builder's Inc., and the latest custom designed features and products, visit them online at www.kbsbuidlers.inc or visit our sale center.