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TitleVictoria Eaton
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July 9 –

As our Prestige home built by Coastal builders nears completion, we found it only fitting to take a few minutes to reflect on out modular home building journey. I’m hoping my post will help all of the people out there who are thinking about building a home and are not sure if a modular home is right for them or are skeptical about the quality. I was that person about a year and a half ago. I first stopped just to look though the models at Coastal builders last spring and that’s when I met Jimma (our builder and owner of Coastal builders along with wife Kim), who happened to be working on a Saturday afternoon. The thing I remember most from that initial visit was Jimma telling me that just about any type of home style we fin can be built in a modular fashion. He was right, but I was still skeptical. He said it’s a big investment, so we want to make sure we build you what you want. So we found a plan and showed up about two weeks later to sit down with Kim, Jim, and Joanne to see what they could do. A week or so later a rough draft plan was back from Prestige Homes (Modular home manufacturer in New Brunswick, Canada). All the subcontractors I’ve dealt with have said the Prestige home is as good of quality as any stick built home they have seen. When we saw the plans, it looked exactly like we envisioned it. Over the next few months, there were many emails and phone conversations to iron out the details. Thankfully, they are extremely knowledgeable when it comes not only to building, but modular homes more specifically. Any question or concern we had was always answered in timely fashion and in a manner, which gave us piece of mind with regards to the process. Our house was officially ordered the Monday after Thanksgiving 2016. It was scheduled to be delivered late February/early March, barring bad weather. After all excavating, site work, and foundation work were completed, our home arrived March 9, 2017. We had about a week and a half delay due to weather, but being in Maine, that’s not bad. The setting of a modular home is an amazing process. Do not miss that day or experience. It will be a day we will talk about forever. The crane, the eighteen wheel trucks with house on board, excavators, and the professionals erecting the home. It leaves you speechless. These crews have been hired by Coastal builders and have worked with them for years. You can quickly see that they are top notch and that they all have a great deal of respect for one another. Once the house was in place there was still much work to be done….We got to know the rest of our subcontractors…and Coastal crew…Jason and the guys from JC Electric…Dave and Garrett from 3D Plumbing….Our Fresh Air duo….Jimmy, Peter, and all of the crew from Gott’s who worked on site work and foundation….Steve, Nick, and the entire Crew from Laberge Construction…..Jason, Opie, and Chuck, our Coastal builder’s crew as well as the paint team….Maybe it was just us, but these guys were more than workers on our house…We considered them friends who played vital parts in helping to build our dream.. We had an amazing team of professionals. Every person I met showed extreme professionalism and seemed to truly care about giving us the best home possible. The last 3 months were a blur thanks to all of you. As we are on the verge of completing our home, I can honestly say that Jimma did what he initially told me he would do. He gave us the home we envisioned and dreamed of, with of course, Kim and Joanne doing tremendous work behind the scenes. I’m not sure why I was skeptical of a modular, but now I tell everyone…We are so fortunate to have a new home…If I had it to do all over again, I would build a Prestige modular home and Coastal builders would be our builder of choice without hesitation. I encourage anyone thinking of building a home to take a few moments to stop in and see Kim, Jim, or Joanne. We are glad we did...Thank you again for making our dream possible.

Jody & Vicki
Bar Harbor, ME
TitlePeter Hastings & The Acadia Hotel Team
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Dear Jim & Kim,

Now that the dust has settled and the visitors are thinning out a bit, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the hard work you and your team did over the past year. It was a big project, and was done professionally and timely.

I enjoyed working with you both once again, and hope to start a new project soon.
TitleHarlan & Anzie Billings
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To the whole gang,

Harlan and I wanted to let all of you know how much we enjoyed doing business with you. We can't say enough good about he product and work force!

We would highly recommend Coastal Builders to anyone!

Thanks again for a great experience.